Flow Metering

PPM are authorised agents for Flowhire & Flowquip UK and can offer a full range of flow meters from Coriolis, Vortex, Turbine, Electromagnetic (mag), Thermal Mass to Ultrasonic flow meters for hire or sale.


Applications: Conductive liquids (Water / wastewater effluent / slurries etc.)

Sizes: 2mm to 300mm

Flow Ranges: 0.005 m³/h to 2250 m³/h

Pressure: Up to 40 bar

Thermal Mass

Applications:  Air and compressed gases
Sizes:   8mm to 300mm
Flow Ranges:  0.8 l/min to 47881m³/h
Pressure:   Up to 50 bar

Vortex Metering Systems

Applications:  Air, compressed gases and steam, special versions for zone 1 / zone 2
Sizes:   15mm to 100mm
Flow Ranges:  Dependent on gas pressure
Pressure:   40 bar standard, special versions for up to 160 bar

Coriolis Mass Flow

Applications:  High accuracy (0.1%) measurement of liquids, chemicals and gases, mass or volume
Sizes:   1mm to 100mm
Flow Ranges:  Liquids: 1 kg/h to 180’000 kg/h, Gases: Dependent on pressure
Pressures:  1mm to 4mm up to 250 bar, 8mm to 100mm up to 40 bar

Turbine (Stainless Steel)

Applications:  Liquids and chemicals in safe and hazardous areas
Sizes:   15mm to 100mm
Flow Ranges:  1 l/min to 4500 l/min
Pressures:  35 bar standard, special versions for up to 1000 bar

Ultrasonic (Clamp-on)

Applications:  Most liquids with less than 10% solids / entrained gas content
Sizes:   Suitable for pipes of 10mm to 5000mm diameter
Flow Ranges:  Dependent on pipe diameter: velocity range 0.01 to 25 m/sec
Pressures:  N/A

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