Specialist Projects

Custom built systems developed along with our clients on specialist projects for research and development on new chemical treatments and pumping solutions.

PPM Ltd have the resources and knowledge necessary to bring specialist projects from the design stage through to completion to the very highest standards using our stringent quality procedures. Please see below for examples of projects undertaken by PPM Ltd.


Our customer was trying to inject a polymer into their system, they were having issues with the chemical as it had to be mixed with water to an exact ratio. The customer had tried mixing the chemical with water prior to trying to inject the chemical, this was proving highly difficult to measure and inject as the incorrect ratio caused the chemical to become highly viscous.


PPM designed and manufactured a system that provided a method of preparing the polymer solution from polymer concentrate emulsion and a potable water supply for onward dosing. A solenoid valve allowed water to be drawn through the water feed line, after a short period the water flow was monitored via a rotary piston flow meter, if water flow was adequate then the concentrate emulsion polymer metering pump was started.

The concentrate emulsion polymer pump drew emulsion polymer from the concentrate emulsion IBC and injected the metered polymer into the moving water stream. The mixture of emulsion polymer and water then entered the ‘In-line’ static mixer where they were subjected to high shear mixing conditions and the resulting polymer solution was then fed, under pressure, into the required application. Concentrate emulsion polymer flow was also monitored via a rotary piston flow meter.

New / Upcoming Specialist Products

PPM Ltd have just been awarded a contract to refurbish a complete offshore injection system, all existing pumps are to be removed and PPM Ltd are manufacturing tailor made units to cover all flow rates and pressures. To avoid any downtime PPM Ltd are also providing temporary equipment while all work is being carried out.

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